Travels: DC

What a weekend! This post is coming a tad late but hey, better late than never. I wanted to express my experiences while traveling out to DC to attend the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March and performing out of town as well. Where to start?

So the team and I have been planning an event out in DC to take place the day after the #JusticeOrElse March in partnership with #CHACCDC x @kayemjay6 called #RespectTheDream. It was to be a night of entertainment, art and discussions.

Most of us arrived in DC Friday night at Union Station. After a 4 hour ride on a small bus I just wanted to eat and relax. This was going to be a busy weekend. Early Saturday morning we headed out to get a good spot.  We reached around 10 a.m. and it was already packed! A sea of people as far as your eyes could see. Many beautiful shades of brown faces filled with pain, hope, joy and anticipation. Many people from different religious, ethnic, social and economical backgrounds tied together by this shared experience of struggle, discrimination and otherness. Signs, flags, shirts and buttons conveying this message of rage and unity. It was overwhelming. Black and brown people all around building with one another. We bumped into some like minded folk and shared our struggles as artist creating spaces to unite and spread this motivational message.

Saturday was invigorating.

Sunday was our event #RespectTheDream. It was being held at Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center located in Southeast DC. This was our first out of town event we were putting together. I don't know about the rest of the team, but I was a little nervous.

Everyone involved did a lot of promoting, but you can never be too sure how it'll turn out. Fortunately, my fears were put aside once people started spilling in. We provided food and drinks for the people. Very chill and laid back kind of crowd. The performance portion couldn't have went any better. Me, Mic and Akil bared our soul to the audience.

Everyone was soooo receptive to our message of motivation, inspiration, love and unity. The energy was unforgettable. I love the intimacy of small crowds. Looking everyone in the face as your give them all of you - seeing each and every person's reaction to your words. I've performed in packed venues that hold 100 people and it doesn't compare to that feeling. We were able to build with everyone there after our performance.

I'm really proud of my team. We came together to work this event and it was a success. I can't wait to go back to DC.

All photos by MoNae Mayweather