YO! MASSIVE! This show gotta be one of my top performances EVER! It felt like we dug just a bit deeper than usual and gave it 120%. I'm soooo proud of my team. I've dreamed of moments like this. Traveling to share my talents and being received well is truly a blessing. I'll never take that for granted.

Performing in The Dome at Oakdale Theater in Connecticut is a milestone for me. Having a packed crowd in a venue that's held shows for major Hip Hop acts felt amazing! Having the crowd rock with and appreciate the art blew me away. I'm thankful for everyone that came out and enjoyed themselves. It feels like a confirmation for everything i've been doing and all the choices I've made. 2018 has been really good to me, personally and professionally.

Thank you to my team, MoNae Mayweather, Obeah, The Muse, Justin Clouden, for constantly having my back. Thank you to RAW for the opportunity. Thank you to the folk that made sure to tell me they loved the performance. I literally couldn't do this without your support.

all photos by MoNae Mayweather