Travels: PA

Saturday, May 30th 

First off: peace to the mighty mighty Marsten House. I asked for the opportunity to be a part of Circuit Cyphers. I sent them my EP and they gave me a slot. So I'd like to thank them guys for that. Any artists looking to expand their brands and meet some dope folks, I'd suggest hitting them up.

MoNae Mayweather, #TeamRTC's creative director, and I left early that morning to hop on the YoBus to Philadelphia. From Philly, we hopped on 2 buses to Abington, PA. It took about 3 hours all together. So you can imagine we were a little tired... and hot. It was so hot that day, like 80 degrees, I think. Definitely hot.

When we finally reached the studio, it was nothing but love. Artists from Milwaukee, Chicago, Arizona, New Jersey, and a host of local talent all under one roof. No egos involved.

Everyone was there to spit bars and build. It was my first time hearing the beat I'd rap over. As I'm there reciting lyrics in my head, I realized the verse I wrote didn't match the beat.

So I did what any artist would do: improvise. I spit a different verse in the cypher and used the original on the acapella. You can peep my acapella video below.

All and all, the experience was great. After the cypher, we hung for a bit and spoke about being more than just a "rappity rapper"... being able to write songs and give a great performance on stage. It felt good to run into artists that are cool, down to earth and dope.

We left the studio a little later than expected and ended up missing our intended bus back. We had to leave an hour later and didn't reach NY til around 10. Didn't reach Brooklyn til 11. It was a fun, productive, exhausting day.

all my photos by nae

Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day is my thank you to all of the people who have supported, inspired or encouraged me along this journey of mine. Thank you for contributing & keeping me on track. May this project help to return the favor.

This EP is inspired by a 2 year hiatus, personal problems & a 3AM conversation with friend/rapper Mic Blaque. This is for all the folk who never give up on their dreams.

Artwork by MoNae Mayweather.

New Music: Dreamers Anthem (1st Single off the Appreciation Day EP)

Prepping for the release of his EP, "Appreciation Day", A.B. (formally known as Abyss Da Dark) hits you with the first single entitled "Dreamers Anthem".

For those not satisfied with the 9-5 routine.
For those willing to sacrifice and endure.
For the creatives, eccentrics, weirdos, outsiders.
For those that do not fit so neatly into the monotony of society.
For those that dare to dream.